Bullocks Resting

Painting of a bull sitting on the dusty red earth while other cows stand in a shaded area of the background; strokes of paint are applied liberally, rich in dark reds and browns

Splotches of rich auburn resting on red earth, smears wandering in small patches of shade, and above all, heat. The only thing missing is the drone of flies above the steer’s head. Bullocks Resting by John Salvana (1873-1956) captures a pastoral image that has long captivated settlers in Australia. Pastoralist art presents country life, particularly […]

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A Fitting Outfit

This brilliant jacket certainly fits the story of its former owner the country musician Tex Morton (1916-1983), born in 1916 as Robert William Lane. Robert or ‘Bobby’ began busking at 14 before recording several albums in Wellington, New Zealand. These are believed to be the first country music recordings made outside of America. In the […]

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The Fathers of Australian Country Music

Tex Morton (1916-1983) and Buddy Williams (1918-1986) are known as the fathers of Australian country music. Throughout their long careers the two stars collaborated on one occasion only – a 1972 Australian tour. As teenagers they began performing and their rise to fame was swift. American country and blues music inspired and informed their early […]

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