Collecting personal information

M&G NSW collects personal information when users subscribe to communication channels such as Alert or M&Gazine, registers for an event, or completes a survey or service evaluation for professional development.

Disclosing personal information

M&G NSW uses personal information internally to facilitate service provision, maintain and improve M&G NSW’s products and performance or technical support.

When we share operational data with partners and audiences, it is always in an aggregated format and for research purposes only. Personal information such as contact details is never shared with any third party.

We will never disclose any confidential or secure information, unless it is already in the public domain, without express written consent. We will never disclose personal information externally unless legally required to do so 

Storage of information

M&G NSW stores information in secure databases, paper-based filing systems or other record keeping methods as per statutory requirements for a prescribed period of time. We always destroy or de-identify information the organisation no longer requires. We always ensure the protection of personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.

External access to personal information

M&G NSW will provide any individual or organisation access to their personal information held by our organisation.  We will take appropriate steps to correct and update personal information when requested by an individual.