About Storyplace stories

Storyplace aims to develop and share object stories originating from regional collections that are informed by diverse and contemporary understandings of history and culture.

Storytellers who write for Storyplace understand and engage with revisionist and contemporary storytelling approaches, when researching and writing stories. Storyplace aims to reflect the diverse voices and experiences of peoples, communities and cultures embedded in regional collections by offering differing interpretations or story perspectives that can sometimes challenge assumed narratives.

Storyplace storytellers work with regional staff, volunteers and communities to write or produce stories. However, Storyplace will not publish content that is offensive or will knowingly cause harm, or which cannot be verified through the various sources researched and cited for each story published.

In the case of contested story perspectives between Project Partners, users and / or Storyplace staff, and after considering carefully and thoughtfully all matters and arguments arising from any differences about stories found on Storyplace, the CEO of M&G NSW will make the final decision (in consultation with relevant community stakeholders) as to whether contested story content should or should not be published on Storyplace.


Reusing Storyplace content

All Storyplace content has been created by hardworking communities, organisations or individuals. Where copyright applies to Storyplace stories that show images of artworks, publications or other objects, these images have been used on Storyplace with permission of the copyright holder/s, or a museum, gallery or cultural centre acting on their behalf.

Where images of artworks, publications or other objects are subject to copyright this is indicated at each story page, under ‘copyright and permissions’. Users are required by law not to copy and republish this content without the permission of the copyright holder. Gaining this consent is the responsibility of Storyplace users and where this is not undertaken a user is in breach of Australian copyright law.

Some images of artworks, publications or other objects protected by copyright cannot be shared via social media unless permission has been obtained from the copyright holder/s, but the story about an artwork or object depicted on Storyplace can. Where this is the case, the Storyplace logo is generated in place of the artwork or other object, and shared with the story link.

Written, audio and video stories are made available to Storyplace users in accordance with a Creative Commons Non-commercial Attribution license. This means that this content can be referenced, quoted, paraphrased or replayed for research use, as long as it is referenced as originating from Storyplace. Each story has a ‘copy attribution’ option found on each story page by clicking ‘copyright and permissions’.

The requirement to acknowledge the work of Storyplace storytellers; the museums, galleries and cultural centres who have partnered with Storyplace; and the contributions made by living subjects or their descendants, cultural knowledge holders and / or artists associated with stories, is fulfilled when story content is rightly referenced.

All digital images on Storyplace were produced by Museums & Galleries of New South Wales or our participating project partners. Reuse of these images by Storyplace users is also subject to the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial license requirement. These images have been used on Storyplace with permission of participating project partners. Images that are not of artworks or objects subject to copyright should be attributed by clicking the ‘copy attribution’ found on each story page and at ‘copyright and permissions’. 

If you have any questions about reusing Storyplace content please send us your query though our Contact Storyplace link.