Tripping Through Time

Still from a psychedlic video where two colonial men, recoloured to appear pink and magenta, sit in front of a tall mountain with a security camera peering at them from above

In her six-minute video animation, I give you a mountain (2018), the artist Joan Ross takes us on a ride through the Enlightenment. A journey back in time to the origins of the modern museum, we slowly progress through mossy grottoes and caves filled with exotic objects and creatures. Along the way, we are introduced […]

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Postmarked Wollumben

One of the oldest known artefacts relating to the European settlement of the Tweed River district is this small franking stamp. It was used at the first-established Post Office that operated from the home of Joshua (1838-1918) and Gertrude Bray (1846-1938), located near the present day town of Murwillumbah. It is a beautifully crafted hand-tool […]

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