Anonymous Australiana

Four wooden napkin rings with gumnuts and black bands burned into them

In the early twentieth century, an amateur Australian artist picked up a nail, knitting needle, or knife, heated it in the fireplace and burnt the designs of Eucalyptus leaves and nuts into these wooden napkin rings. At the time, creative Australians loved the art of pokerwork, also known as pyrography, and burned designs into any […]

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Hidden at the Back of the Fridge

A 2015 image created by designer Miranda Heckenberg, with staff and volunteers at the Tamworth Powerstation Museum, this pastiche mimics 1950s and 60s advertising. Using the colour palette, fonts and text to recreate the post-war period this fun image has multiple elements revealing so much about the period if we look.  The model, Kathryn Armstrong, […]

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Daily Drudgery Gone?

The introduction of electricity into the home created a boom in labour saving devices. From the start of the twentieth century, these devices were marketed strongly towards women, who did the majority of work in the home.  Electric washing machines, like the machine shown here, along with vacuums, hair dryers and clothing irons all entered […]

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