Giving and Marching

two pale, rectangular wooden boxes attached to paddle shapes which act as a handle. They are labelled "BAND"

Lucky number 160? The Glen Innes Salvation Army Corps may think so! In 1887, they became the 160th Salvation Army corps to be established in Australia. The corps (church) was opened by first officer Captain Ernest Booth, who some believe was a relative of the founder of the Salvation Army in London, General William Booth. […]

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Keeping a Steady Rhythm

On the 21st of September 1869, eight members of the Ulladulla Volunteer Corps came together for one of their earliest performances as the town band at the Milton School of Arts Bazaar. One attendee gleefully relayed the day’s proceedings to The Kiama Independent, but they soon became lost for words when describing how well the […]

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The Beating Heart of the Marching Band

Silver, reflective top of a black drum with silver fittings.

Geoff Sidebottom is a professional musician who knows a thing or two about keeping the beat. ‘As a lead drummer I’d play a four-bar sequence and then second drum would come in and fatten it. Then he’d stop while I played a different pattern perhaps. And if you got a bit sick of playing a […]

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