Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum

The Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum is located in the city of Bathurst, on Wiradjuri Country, in the Central West region of New South Wales. 

The museum is housed within an 1876 school building and features some of the finest and rarest specimens of mineral crystals and fossils on earth. At its core is the internationally renowned Somerville Collection. Exhibition highlights include a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, a large collection of fossils in amber, unique Australian opalized fossils and irreplaceable mineral specimens from excavations around the world.

Displays in the Mineral Gallery range from the largest – a metre tall geode lined with large Amethyst crystals – to the smallest of over 100 perfectly formed thumbnail specimens. The Fossil Gallery displays examples from various stages of life on Earth, from the first single-celled life form found in ancient oceans billions of years ago, to the egg of Madagascar’s extinct Elephant bird, only thousands of years old.

224 Howick Street, Bathurst NSW 2795