Synagogue of The Outback Museum

The Synagogue of The Outback Museum is located in the city of Broken Hill, on Wilyakali Country, in the Far West of New South Wales.

The museum is housed in the former Broken Hill Synagogue that operated from 1911 to 1962. The historic premises, including the Rabbi’s residence, was purchased by the Broken Hill Historical Society in 1990 and now houses the society’s headquarters in the Ralph Wallace Centre at the rear of the building. The Synagogue of The Outback Museum collects and displays material associated with the history of Broken Hill’s Jewish community, along with material associated with the surrounding region including Silverton and Umberumberka.

Though no longer a place of worship, the Synagogue’s distinctive architecture and historical displays are a popular attraction for national and international visitors of all faiths.

165 Wolfram Street, Broken Hill NSW 2880