Broken Hill Outback Archives

The Broken Hill Outback Archives occupies the first floor of the Broken Hill City Library, which is located in the historic mining city of Broken Hill, on Wiljali Country, in the Far West region of New South Wales. 

Since the early 1960’s the city’s librarians have collected a considerable quantity of archival material which was kept in the city library. This was the first dedicated area for historical material concerning Broken Hill and the development of the West Darling district.

The collection, now known as Broken Hill Outback Archives, is a regional archive centre for State Archives and Records NSW. The archives continue to grow through generous donations from corporations, businesses, families, individuals, community groups and associations.

The collection holds significant industrial, social, and historic documentation of Broken Hill, Australia’s First Heritage Listed City, and surrounding districts such as Silverton, White Cliffs, Menindee and Wilcannia. In addition to a comprehensive newspaper collection from the local area, highlights include the early mining history of Broken Hill, a White Cliffs collection and files and objects from the Barrier Field Naturalist’s Club, known for developing a Regeneration Area to combat the relentless dust storms that plague Broken Hill.

240 Blende St, Broken Hill NSW 2880