Silverton Gaol Museum

Located at Silverton on Wilyakali Country in the Far West of NSW and run by the Broken Hill Historical Society, the Silverton Gaol Museum is one of the former mining town’s main visitor attractions. 

Aside from displaying numerous objects relating to the evolution of mining at Silverton and its surrounding localities and mines, the museum holds an extensive collection of objects that document the district’s community history. Displays include objects from institutions such as the Salvation Army, fire brigade, Silverton Tramway Company and schools. Photographs and portraits of historic settler families are also on display. 

With mining being the region’s principle driver of settler-origin economic activity in the district, the museum has an extensive collection of objects and photos relating to the many friendly societies that established – this includes the Rechabites, Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

The Silverton Gaol Museum has operated since the late 1960s from the town’s former gaol built in 1889.