The Up-To-Date Store and Garth Jones Collection

The Up-To-Date Store and Garth Jones Collection is in the small town of Coolamon, near Wagga Wagga on Wiradjuri Country, in the Riverina Murray region of New South Wales.

The museum building is a former small department store (est. 1909) and famous for selling ‘anything and everything’ from a plough to a piano.

The Up-To-Date Store combines numerous collections reflecting the history of the Coolamon Shire. On display are products, wares and farm machinery typically available in an early twentieth century country emporium. Like in the original store, the museum features a variety of departments including grocery, ironmongery, crockery, drapery, mercery, millinery, haberdashery, clothing and footwear. Also on show are the store’s original fittings including the only Ball Style Cash Railway System known to remain intact.