All the Necessary Points

A Civil Defence Era First Aid Pack

This collection of first-aid books was likely compiled and put together in the pictured hessian bag for distribution by a local Civil Defence Organisation, after WWII ended.

These Civil Defence Organisations are considered something of a precursor to today’s State Emergency Services. There were intended to establish a local base of willing volunteers to serve the community in times of need, such as natural disasters, nuclear war, or other crises.

The books included in this pack aimed to provide a better understanding of first aid to people without medical training.

For example, First Aid in War-Time written by B. W. N. Wilkinson (an accomplished first-aid and air-raid precautions lecturer) was simply written and well-recommended to those ‘interested in making themselves proficient’ in the subject. It included a special section dealing with maternity first-aid, as well as detailed illustrations of bandaging and pressure points.

Similarly, David J. Farrell’s Anatomy and First Aid in Pictures used pictures to teach basic first-aid knowledge. Specifics include methods for the preparation and application of bandages, as well how people, depending on their injury, should be transported to hospitals and further care.

The Encyclopaedia of First Aid by M. J. Hogan, which alphabetically detailed first-aid information for ease of finding, provided information on ‘high-explosive and incendiary bombs.’ An addition which feels like a foreboding sign of the times.