The People’s Painter

Kevin Charles ‘Pro’ Hart (1928-2006) MBE was one of Australia’s best-known and most prolific artists, he was also one of the least accepted by a disapproving art world. Even though the criticism expressed by city-based art critics and galleries about his work was mixed most of it was negative. Counter to this, when the former […]

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Art Teacher Nurtured Local Talent

Born in 1908 at Silverton, Florence May Harding was a well-known art teacher in Broken Hill. She was responsible for fostering the talent of some of the town’s most famous artists and was a founding member of the Willyama Art Society (WAS), based at Broken Hill. It was in the capturing of nature that May […]

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The Silver City’s Folk Artist

impressionistic, cartoonish painting of a building amidst colourful trees, under a blue cloudy sky

After retiring from mining Sam Byrne went on to become one of Australia’s most renowned folk artists. Born in 1883 in South Australia, Sam and his brothers were brought up in Broken Hill by his aunt, Emily Tapsell, following their parents’ death. A late bloomer, Sam worked for more than fifty years as a miner […]

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