Predator Falling Prey

One million years ago, the owner of this jawbone and teeth prowled the grasslands in the area now known as Wellington, in the Dubbo region of central NSW. It was the carnivorous Australian marsupial and specialised predator known as a thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus), Tasmanian Tiger, or Tasmanian Wolf. A striped dog-like animal, it had a […]

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Walk, Don’t Hop

Top half of five fossilised bones on a black background

Cattle and sheep now roam the paddocks, and wheat crops stretch as far as the eye can see, but the area now known as Tambar Springs on the North West Slopes region was long the domain of enormous, flat-nosed kangaroos: Procoptodon goliah. Weighing over 200kg, it used its height of 2m to graze from tall […]

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Beware Bunyip?

After dark, the noises made by marsupials of the Australian bush can be truly terrifying. From rumbles and groaning grunts, to chitterings and screaming barks, the night time bush sometimes sounds alive with monsters. The Zygomaturus trilobus is a complicated name for what was an ancestor of today’s wombat. Wombats though are much smaller.  Coming […]

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