Far Removed

Painting of a billabong with warm, rich tones of green and brown, sunlight streams brightly through impressions of trees.

Like the artist who painted it, A Dry Billabong, Gunnedah, NSW (1950) is caught between worlds. John Salvana’s (1873-1956) portrayal of gum trees baking in the sun is typical for its time, even somewhat passé. The artwork captures the Australian landscape in an Impressionist style, a manner which had originated in France in the 1870s […]

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The Gift of a Gallery

Made in 1919, a gift of over 100 paintings and works on paper led to the establishment of Tamworth’s first public art gallery. Known collectively as the Salvana Collection these works were donated by Australian artist John Salvana (1873-1956). Principally a painter, Salvana was best known for his ‘bush scenes’ or impressionistic landscapes of rural […]

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