The Artist/Explorer

Greg Weight (1946- ) has been photographing artists since he joined Martin Sharp, Brett Whiteley, George Gittoes, and Peter Kingston at the artist-run Yellow House in Sydney in 1970. There, he met people who fascinated him for the ways in which they interpreted ‘the mystery and phenomena of the real world.’ For Weight, taking photographs […]

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On the Drawing Board

Architectural drawing, coloured with greens and oranges, depicting a cross-section of the building.

Next time you park at your local shopping mall, consider how the site might have once looked before concrete, glass, and steel conquered the landscape. It’s curious to think about how such urban spaces have been transformed over time, and what might have influenced the design vision of the architect. In the 1950s and early […]

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The Price We Pay

In 1958 William Charles Hawke carried a heavy responsibility. Three and half years had passed since the catastrophic Hunter Valley flood, which had been among the worst natural disasters in Australia’s recorded history. Twenty-five people had died. As Secretary of the Hunter Valley Conservation Trust, tasked with coordinating the work to mitigate flood impacts, Hawke […]

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