Small But Perfect For The Job

This small weatherboard Post Office building was originally located north of Jindera at Huon and serviced the area between Jindera and Burrumbuttock. Huon Post Office had a very short life but one which was essential for the local residents. It was established as a non-official receiving office in 1895, then upgraded to a non-official Allowance […]

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Scratch, Scratch, Squeak

Close up of a black writing slate which has a wooden frame with curved corners. The frame is inscribed in handwriting saying "RUBY"

Imagine the scratchy, squeaky sound this slate pencil made against this slate when five-year-old Alice Conway began practicing her writing on it in 1894 in Berry. Amplify that sound, according to the number of children in her school, all writing at different paces and rhythms, and we hear the uncomfortable noise of a typical nineteenth […]

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From White Clay Mountain

Chipped, dusty red, sandstone brick

Throwing a handful of sand around the mould, before filling it with several dollops of wet clay, the maker of this sandstock brick knew that the dusty sand would allow the brick to easily slip out. Using the edge of his wooden strike board, he scraped off the excess clay and pressed the heart-shaped ‘frog’ […]

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