My Dear Old Frank

handwritten letter on simple paper

Florrie, Ethel, Percy, Frank and Marjorie Bray were all born on the Tweed River between 1870 and 1881. They were the children of Gertrude and Joshua Bray, who were among the earliest Europeans to permanently settle and farm in the district. They were raised in a large extended family, of 12 siblings, as well as […]

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A Tweed River Life

Joshua (1838-1918) and Gertrude Bray (1846-1938) were among the earliest European settlers to live permanently in the Tweed River district, near Murwillumbah, on Bundjalung Country. They arrived to an environment covered in dense sub-tropical rainforest. On the Tweed Joshua and Gertrude prospered. They served in important community roles and gained prominent standing locally. Their life-story […]

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