Made in the Bush

Detail shot of a leather whip

One day while Bert Jorgenson was in the bush near Berry, he found a strong-looking sapling branch, perfect for the purpose he had in mind. He needed a whip to use on his bullock teams that hauled the massive trees felled from the local forests. Rather than buy one readymade, Bert found what he needed […]

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Keeping His Cool

corrugated metal device with pins used for attaching

Dairyman Leslie Crawford knew that the cooler he could make the cream after separating the milk, the finer the butter would be. Fortunately, he had this useful device to help. Cool water entered via the pipe on one side, flowed through the interior, and out through the pipe on the other side, cooling the metal […]

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Top Dog’s Tool

When fisherman Richard Parker acquired a block of bushland near Lake Macquarie, about 1895, there were two tools in his kit that would be essential for clearing the land and building a simple house – his axe, and this pit saw. The house Parker built at 85 Docker Street (now known as Haddon Crescent), Marks […]

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